AgileTour Dublin – videos and presentations becoming available!

With over 300 attendees and an excellent standard of presentation, AgileTour Dublin last Thursday was a great success. Again thanks to my co-organisers and speakers – all gave freely of their time to ensure it was the best Agile conference in Dublin by a long shot! Over the coming days we hope to publish videos of many sessions, along with slideware. I’ll post a link here and on my company website. Below are the presentation slide ware I have so far:

Voice of the Process – Kanban Metrics: Colm O’hEocha, Agileinnovation

A tester, developer and BA walk into a bank…: Andrea Baker and Lisa Hickey, AIB

3 Common Scrum Failure Modes: Chris Walsh, Dell

DevOps Culture: Brendan O’Reilly, Daysha Consulting

Data Inspired scaled Agile Delivery: Catherine Sweeney, D&B

Voice of the Customer: James Parnell

Get Your Agile Team to Fully Perform Quicker!: Dejan Cusic and Snjezana Momic, Comtrade

More slides and videos to follow

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