Over the last 10 years, AgileInnovation has provided training, consultancy and coaching to Global MNCs and SMEs across ICT, Telecoms and Finance industries. Here are some of the client companies we have helped on the Agile/Lean journey:


“It’s been an extremely positive experience and has had a transformative effect on the whole company”

– CTO, Web Based Educational Product SME in Cork

“The feedback from virtually everyone is that it’s making a huge difference”

– COO, IC Design Product Company in Galway

“After just a few days of observation and interaction, Colm produced a very insightful report on how adopting Agile practices could greatly improve our development process. The subsequent training was pitched at just the right level for the various audiences, including executives, development teams and product owners. This has helped to unite the whole company behind the move to Agile.”

– CTO, Document Management Product SME in Dublin 

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A Dublin-based SME customer who spent €10K on training and coaching and realised a return of €395K in only 12 months – that represents an ROI of 7900% !!

Cost of AgileInnovationTM assessment, training and coaching*


EI LeanStart Funding§


Reduced Development Costs over 12 months (reduced waste)


Increased Sales (earlier to market)


Total Return on Investment


*includes direct training and consultancy fees, expenses and training materials
§ Qualifying Enterprise Ireland client companies only

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