Free Webinar – 4th February: Lean/Agile/Kanban – the Economics of Speed:

Following might be of interest to AgileIrelanders – contact to register

Webinar  – 4th February at 10.00, 11.30 and 14.00 UK/Ireland Time, 45 Minutes.

Lean/Agile/Kanban – the Economics of Speed: Agile, Lean and Kanban are underpinned by compelling economics which are now being realized in diverse organization types and industries. Here we look at how Kanban can lead to significant and on-going reductions in costs and improvements in ROI for both Operations work and development projects. We explore the ‘Economics of Speed’: the myriad ways shorter cycle time can eliminate costs, reduce investment risk and maximize profits or cost savings. All while improving business agility and customer outcomes.

Presenters: Colm O’hEocha ( and Fran O’Hara ( have between them decades of experience in managing work and people in IT environments. First starting to apply Agile some 12 years ago and then in the last 5 or so years incorporating concepts from Lean, Visual Management and Kanban.

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