• Assessments – We offer two types of assessment (see here for further details):
    • Pre-Adoption Assessment: To identify barriers to agile adoption – provides the basis for a pragmatic adoption strategy
    • Agility Assessment: Just how agile is your agile process? This assessment identifies what agile practices are really improving agility, helping you take the next steps to maximising the benefits of agile.
  • Agile and Kanban Adoption Support– Just as agile methods advocate tailoring to your specific context, the strategy you use to adopt agile and transform your organisational agility should fit with your business objectives, constraints and opportunities. Big-Bang vs. evolutionary, practice led vs. value led, pilot project vs. pilot feature, Scrum vs. Kanban – there are a host of considerations and decisions to be made in developing a pragmatic implementation strategy.
  • Coaching – Draw on extensive agile hands-on experience by engaging an agile coach – this differs from from a ScrumMaster or Team Leader since a coach is a temporary position – by educating, supporting, facilitating and providing direction to the team, a coach can accelerate adoption and realisation of benefits.
  • Training – Ensuring everyone involved in and affected by agile adoption understands  both the why as well as the how is essential. For further details see our Training page:

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