Kanban Webinar Wed 5th December

in association with LeanKit, AgileInnovation will be presenting a series of Webinars on Kanban. The first of these will be held Wed 5th December at 10am, 11:30am and 2:00pm (45 mins each). Here’s an overview and contact details to register:

The ABC of Kanban: Although Kanban identifies 6 key practices for implementation, three of these are critical first steps you’ll want to know about. In this webinar we introduce Visualisation of Work, Limiting Work In Process (WIP) and Managing Flow. The first allows us to see what is going on, where the problems are, where both value-adding and wasteful activities are occurring in our process. Secondly, Limiting WIP can require a major shift in management culture as it links the work we do to our capability, rather than to business demand. And finally, Managing Flow involves proactively measuring and optimizing the ‘flow’ of valuable work through our process.

 Contact: Lynette Jane, LeanKitlynette@leankit.co.uk