Leading a Lean/Agile Transformation (2 days)

As agile and lean frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban have gained traction,  many organisations in Ireland have moved beyond their initial foray into agile. They are now facing a new set of challenges in changing their basic organisational structure, processes and culture to a leaner, more responsive model. While introductory Scrum, XP and Kanban training are essential to getting an agile initiative started, at AgileInnovation we’re seeing more demand for advanced training and coaching for senior management. While previously a well established method such as Scrum was an easy choice to start out with, getting the next level of performance is bringing up challenging topics such as:

  • How does a Senior Executive Team lead and support a Lean/Agile Transformation?
  • What are the fundamental, conceptual changes we need to take on board?
  • How might we change our organisational structure to support a leaner way of working?
  • How do we begin to scale Lean/Agile across the enterprise?
  • What scaling framework, if any, should we use? (SAFe, DAD, LeSS, Nexus)
  • How will lean/agile in IT affect how we work with the business?
  • What are the implications for Product Management, HR, Finance, Governance….
  • Whats this new thing called Kanban, and could I use it?
  • Will lean/agile work with teams distributed across the world? If so, then how?

There are so many agile and lean frameworks, principles, practices and tools out there – it can be difficult to know where to start! If you’re having problems bringing your agile initiative to the next level, then this training could be for you – chances are we’ve worked through similar challenges with other clients. Our huge experience in training and coaching executive teams means we can help you accelerate and maximise the returns from your agile/lean initiative. We’ve seen where organisations make the common mistakes, and what works in leading your organisation through the deep and broad changes in a true organisational transformation.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Senior Executives, Managers and Organisational Change Agents looking to lead and support successful Lean/Agile transformations.

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Agile & Lean
    • Principles of Agile and Lean Software Development
    • What is Kanban? What is Scrum?
    • Benefits of Agile and Lean Development
  • Key Concepts in Lean/Agile Software Development
    • The nature of variability in software development
    • Managing Variable to Maximise Value
    • The Scientific basis for Lean/Agile: Systems Thinking, Queuing Theory, Theory of Constraints
  • The Economics of Software Development
    • Understanding Project Economics
    • Economies of Speed
  • Value Stream Mapping and Tracking
    • Understanding Value Creation and Identifying Waste
  • Radical Transparency
    • Kanban Boards (manual and electronic)
    • The Mechanics of a Kanban Board
  • The Scrum Framework
    • Roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer
    • Scrum Events
    • Artefacts: Product and Sprint Backlogs; Definition of Done; Product Increment; Agile Metrics – Burn Downs, Burn Ups
    • Agile Requirements and User Stories
  • Release and Sprint Planning
    • Relative Estimation and Velocity
    • Evidence Based Planning
    • Team Estimation – building clarity and consensus with Planning Poker
  • Basics of Kanban
    • Flow and Pull
    • Classes of Service
    • WIP Limits
    • Metrics
  • When to Use Scrum and/or Kanban
    • Similarities and Differences, Strengths and Weaknesses
    • The best of both – combining timeboxed and flow based frameworks
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Identifying bottlenecks: Capacity constrained and Non-instant availability resources
    • Identifying the 7+1 Lean Wastes
    • Improving throughput through Theory of Constraints
  • Work In Progress
    • Time is Money – the Costs of Queues
    • Cycle Time vs. Utilisation, Productivity & Efficiency
    • Setting WIP limits for smooth flow and short cycle time
  • Kanban Adoption Strategy
    • STATIK – Systems Theory Approach To Implementing Kanban
    • Monitoring your ‘Depth of Kanban’
  • Lean/Agile Organisational Design
    • Country and Company Cultures
    • Evolving Organisational Forms – Functional and Matrix
    • Cross Functional Teams
    • Flow-Oriented Organisations
  • Leading Lean/Agile
    • Servant Leadership – The ScrumMaster Role
    • Coordination Role (SAFe and DAD models)
    • Continuous Improvement and Coaching Katas
    • What Drives Us? The secret to motivation: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

For further details of our services in Lean/Agile software development methods contact services@agileinnovation.ie. We specialize in embedded coaching and training in Scrum, Kanban and Lean.

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