UPCOMING PUBLIC TRAINING: ScrumMaster certification and Agile Testing

ScrumMaster Certification Dublin 26/27 Feb 2014. This is a great all round introduction to agile with a specific focus on Scrum. Its essential for any budding ScrumMasters and thoroughly prepares you for the on-line certification exam so you can get your new skill recognized. Cost is a very competitive €800pp with group discounts available (excludes online exam fee of $100).

Effective Agile Testing Dublin 6/7th Mar 2014. Essential training for professional testers and QA working on agile teams. The course includes a comprehensive introduction to agile and Scrum followed by a deep dive into what this means for testing, the changing and expanded role of testers in an agile environment and specific tools and techniques to help ensure your success.  Cost is a very competitive €800pp with group discounts available.

If you’re interested in either of these courses get in touch at training@agileinnovation.ie

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